Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Get coverage (and peace of mind) so you can focus on your class


Protect Yourself and Your Career


A recent study says that yoga-related injuries are twice as common today as they were in 2001—and if a student believes your alignment or adjustment caused the injury, you could be sued. It’s time for you to start taking the business of yoga more seriously and to adopt some of the legal protections that other health professionals already use.

That's where liability insurance for yoga teachers comes in.

Teachers Plus, in partnership with Lockton Affinity, has created a program to provide yoga instructors with access to comprehensive yoga liability insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Underwritten by Lloyd’s, the premier professional liability insurance market in the industry, combined with YJ's vast network of yoga industry and education experts, our program provides unmatched coverage, security, and benefits designed specifically for yoga professionals. Based on our core belief that yoga is the key ingredients to wellness and a healthy life, our liability coverage allows you to focus on your passion and business without sweating the financial risks.




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Why Yoga Teachers Need Insurance

If a yogi slips, trips, or falls in your class, you could be subject to a lawsuit.


Membership Has Its Benefits...

When you join TeachersPlus, you are entitled to perks, resources, and discounts worth $1,000.


What Does Coverage Include?

Our yoga insurance provides extensive protection for yoga instructors, including all styles of yoga and coverage that follows you wherever you teach.