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Yoga Liability Insurance
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We provide yoga liability insurance for instructors and studio owners

Building a successful career as a yoga teacher isn't easy. The job demands continuing education to best serve your students while at the same time juggling your own business hustle. And although the idea of purchasing yoga liability insurance coverage can seem daunting, it's absolutely necessary to protect yourself from a potentially devastating financial loss. Yoga Journal TeachersPlus helps simplify this process to provide the peace of mind that allows you to focus on operating and growing your business.

Teachers Plus, in partnership with Lockton Affinity, has created a program to provide yoga teachers with access to comprehensive liability insurance coverage at a very affordable price. Underwritten by Lloyd’s, the premier professional liability insurance market in the industry, combined with our vast network of Yoga industry experts, our program provides unmatched coverage and security designed specifically for yoga and fitness professionals. Based on our core belief that yoga is a key ingredient to wellness and a healthy life, our yoga liability insurance coverage for yoga teachers and facilities allows you to focus on your passion and your business without the worry of financial risk.



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Yoga Insurance

5 Reasons Yoga Teachers Need Insurance


No. 2: You can be held liable if someone gets injured from your hands-on adjustment.

Professional liability insurance is a small investment every instructor should make to protect themselves against the threat of litigation. Find out why you need yoga liability insurance ahead of time to secure your career and financial future.




Find the right yoga liability insurance package for you

Yoga Journal TeachersPlus offers a variety of options, whether you teach full-time, instruct a few hours a week, or run your own studio.



I am a yoga teacher

Yoga Journal's TeachersPlus Membership gives you access to liability insurance, teacher resources, yoga gear, and other membership exclusives.


I am a studio owner

Our membership provides yoga facilities and studios with access to affordable liability insurance as well as valuable benefits.


I need to renew my policy

Don't risk teaching without coverage! We make it simple to renew your liability insurance policy and membership benefits.