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Instructors join TeachersPlus because they are committed to developing their careers. That's why membership makes it simple to deepen your wisdom and knowledge with expert teachers. As a TeachersPlus member, you'll receive a 30% discount on an unlimited number of courses from YJ and our sister wellness brands. Here's a peek at a few we're excited about:


Sequencing 101: Unlock the Power of Every Pose with Natasha Rizopoulos
Smart asana sequencing has become a lost art in most yoga classes and teacher trainings. But it's not too late to learn! In this course, you'll learn Natasha's fool-proof method for creating the strength and stability you need to move progressively deeper into peak poses, and then truly rest and renew in Savasana. 

Iyengar 201: Access an Advanced Practice with Carrie Owerko

Building on the wild success of Iyengar 101, you'll move into more advanced adaptations of poses, emphasize their therapeutic applications, and embody Carrie's playful take on the alignment-oriented linegar that B.K.S. Iyengar brought to the West. 

Yoga Bootcamp with Baron Baptiste: Freedom in Four Flows

Get serious about your yoga right now. Power up your spirit. Fire up your mind. Detox your body. Go deep into what a real yoga practice is and take your own private journey into power.

Anatomy 101 with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers

Join this seven-week introduction to basic anatomy. You'll learn anatomy in a holistic, relational, and practical way, mapping out the body in terms of cells, the fascial fabric, and the neuromuscular system that creates that foundation for kinesthetic literacy. 





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